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   If you leave your automobile with us, we will contact you when our       best window tint installers of Las Vegas are about 15 minutes from     completing your vehicle. you can pick it up right away or continue       to enjoy your day and pickup by 5:30 pm. We also have comfortable   lobby for you relax, watch TV and enjoy some refreshing ice water       while you're waiting.

Excessive heat has other effects on your vehicle besides the need for constant air conditioning. Continual UV exposure fades interior fabrics and dries out plastics which can lead to cracking and other damage. Automotive window tinting film reduces the harsh glare of the sun, this preserving the appearance of your automobile's interior while keeping it cool at the same time

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​Our workshop is clean and dust free.... essential for the correct installation of window tinting films. For installation the average time duration is between 1 or 2 hours depending on the make and model of your vehicle.

We are a proud user of the computerized cutting system. All automotive window tint is cut by a state of art computerized window film cutting software. It will reduce your chances of glass surface damage cause their is no cutting on the glass!!

Auto Tint Express is a family owned and ​operate business. We have been providing automotive service for our customers for over 18 years. We specialize in window tint installation for your vehicle. We offer in shop professional window tinting by trained and certified auto tinting specialist.

We know how important your car is to you. You want it to look the best it can be for years to come, and it will with 3M and Suntek window films. You can count on the trusted durability of our products, your complete satisfaction is backed a lifetime limited manufacturer's warranty.

Las Vegas, NV car owners appreciate the UV ray protection is just one of many benefits that come with a quality car window tint...in Las Vegas vehicle owners also know that it's safer and healthier when stay cooler and reduce glare in your automobile


How to Get the Best Service from Auto Tint Express - Window Tint

Saving money with automotive window tinting is as easy as calling to experts - Auto Tint Express window tinting Las Vegas. We provide car tinting service to protect your car from the potentially harmful effects of the sun and keep you cooler throughout the Las Vegas summer. Contact us today and we'll outfit your car with precision cut tinting protected by a lifetime warranty.

Whatever you drive, Auto Tint Express-window tinting can give your vehicle that sleek, custom, cool look – it's the investment that improves your driving.

Often times we are asked by our clients if window tinting is applied to the exterior or interior of the car windows. Automotive window tint is is in fact applied to the interior glass of the cars window. This installation is carried out after being heat formed on the exterior to accommodate the curvature of the glass. The image to the left below shows window tint being heat formed on the exterior rear glass the vehicle while the image to the right shows auto window tint after heat forming being applied on the interior glass.(If you're on your smartphone and reading this the first image is the left and the second image is the right.)




Window Tinting Prices

Car Window Tint comes in a variety of shades, including Nevada Legal Limit 35%. Our Window films block 99% of harmful UV rays, keep your automobile cooler, add privacy and security as well as improve visibility by reducing glare.

​Personalize the look of your car by choosing the auto tinting shade options that are right for you. Be more comfortable wherever you drive by reducing heat and glare, add a sense of privacy, security and protection. protect your family and valuables while giving your car a sense of stile and elegance personalized for you.