Do I need to drop off my vehicle or can I wait until is finish?

Front 2 sides windows: This windows must have a tint that allows more than 35% of light through.

Back sides and rear window: Currently, there are no limitations on tint darkness for these windows.

Windshield: The windshield can have a non-reflective tint along the top of the above the manufacturers AS-1 line


What percentage is legal in state of Nevada for my car?


Can aftermarket window film be installed over factory window tint?

As long as it is factory window tinting, which is a color in the glass, then aftermarket window tint can be installed directly on the glass. aftermarket window tinting has a many more solar benefits than factory window tint. Aftermarket window film rejects 99% of ultraviolet rays and between 42% to 65% of heat, depending on the film level used. Plus, adding aftermarket tint over factory tint can give you more privacy for storing personal items in the back of the car.

Can I roll down my windows after the window tint installation is over?

 Can the front two windows be matched to the car factory window tint?​​

Yes. However, having this level in Nevada. Vehicle factory window tinting is usually 20%-15% tint level. Nevada law state that the front side windows legal light transmission is 35%, which is lighter than the rear windows of your factory tinted car.  

Often times we are asked by our clients if window tint is applied to the exterior or interior of the windows. Automotive window tinting is in fact applied to interior glass of the cars window. This installation is carried out after being heat formed on the exterior to accommodate the curvature of the glass. The image to the left below shows window tint being heat formed on the exterior rear glass of the vehicle while the image to the right shows window tint after heat forming being applied on the interior glass.

We recommend to roll down your windows 3 - 5 days to make sure the windows film has dry up to the point you wont have any problems in the near future.

About Window Tinting service.

Can window film be applied to any surface?

No. The adhesive is meant to adhere to glass only. Window tint film should only be applied to glass surfaces that have a smooth finish. Plastics, Plexiglass or Lexan contain too much oil for the film to adhere properly for a long period of time.   

​Is the tint installed on the inside or outside of the glass?

How long does it take to install window tint on my vehicle?

Yes, you are allowed to was your vehicle without any problems occur. The window tint is in the inside not in the outside. It's important to not touch the windows from the inside without waiting 3 - 5 days.

Installation time ranges from 1 to 2 hours depending on how many windows are being tinted and what type of the vehicle it is.

Am I allow to wash my vehicle after the installment is over?

​Is car window tint applied on interior or exterior glass? 

Window tint is always applied to the inside of the automotive glass. Our professional installers simply use the outside of the window to shrink the window film a proper fit.

Both options are available you could choose whatever is best for you. We have a nice cleaning waiting room with comfortable couches with drinks and WiFi or you can leave and we will give you a call when its finished.