Indoor Installation - Due to dust and wind, window tinting should never be applied outdoors or in a tent in a parking lot, its not recommended any tire shops or any mechanic shops. The reason why because its always dirty and they always leave there facility open. Its best for you to take it to a professional indoor shop where is clean and highly skilled technicians.

Computer Cut -The computer precuts and prepares the tint. Some technicians have fully experience to cut by hand, but some prefer to use the computer cut system technology machine, so it looks more professional and give what the client is asking for.

High-Quality Brand Name Tint -A quality brand name tint must be used. Nevada is so hot that a medium or low grade film will star to fade and deteriorate in less than a year. At Auto Tint Express Window Tinting, we use only 3M and SunTek Window Tinting film, which comes with a lifetime warranty.

In Business Over 5 Years -Nearly 60% of all tinting companies go out of business or move and change names in the first years. with a life-time warranty you want to find a company that has been in business for at least 3 years in case you need warranty work.

"Color Stability" Warranty -  Make sure you receive a "Color Stability" Warranty. This means that even if you tint does fade or turn purple, it is still covered under warranty. Even a nice car will look ugly if it has discolored or faded tint.

Good Reputation with local dealerships -If a dealership highly recommends a particular tint company to its customer, you know that the company must have a great reputation.

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When considering anything to do with your vehicle, we understand that you want to have the most professional workmanship possible. Hands on proprietor Jose A. (Owner) works on every job with his qualified team making sure that 100% customer satisfaction is reached every time because when it comes to customer satisfaction nothing is more important to us at Auto Tint Express. Every vehicle we work on we take good care of it like if they were our own. We see every vehicle as high end quality, it doesn't matter if your vehicle if its quality or economic every job gets done evenly. Auto Tint Express-Window Tinting provides Computer Cut Machine which produce the shape of your windows to be perfectly how they are suppose to be.​


​​​​Our mission here at Auto Tint Express is to provide much information that can help you make an informed decision on the products and services that will best suit your needs. We want to make sure you get the film your looking for and not a film you'll regret later on near the future. My staff and I like to satisfied our customers of the results of our work and feel great of what they are paying for. We have professionals technicians that have over 18 years of quality installation experience. If you want quality work, quality material and honest service this is the place to be.