In addtion to being a great addition to the look of your vehicle


- Avoid Overheating -- Block Over  60% of heat
- Skin protection -- Block 99.9% of UV rays
- Accident protection --holds shattered glass
- Enhanced Privacy -- Protect your privacy
- Safer Driving -- Reduce glare from sun
- Protect Your Car -- Prevent sun damage

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*PLEASE NOTE: that most of the time on the back window, in order to maintain the defroster working properly. Window tint removal must be precise and careffuly done, if done carelessly applying new tint will cause severe damage to the new film by not allowing it to stick properly and premature peeling will happen.

Car Window Tint Removal

Benefits to Window Tint

*PLEASE NOTE: that all window films are not made equally, not all window tints use the same practice. Some window tint may be more difficult to remove due to age application type and sometimes by film type. It's been known for some cars to take one hour to remove tint  and some cars take up to 6 hours to remove tint.

Most of the times when people try to remove old tint film by their own it results in a sticky mess. This makes the entire process even harder. It is important to know what you are doing and use the correct tools.... Here on Auto Tint Express - Window Tinting properly. We use high quality tools such as  steamer for tint film removal and non scratching blade to remove the adhesive tint and prevent any damage to the defrorster lines on rear windows.